new use for toothpaste!

December 3rd, 2001

Oh man I only posted once in the past week and a half. I am a loser.

Well i have been very busy doing HW. SUCKS.

Well I had a very lovely birthday. I got a lovely puzzle and cd from annaramma, 22 long stem roses from angelface, aroma therapy cabinet and about forty thousand pairs of satin underwear from step mom. (while it is not unusual to get underwear from step mom for every major holiday, god bless her, this particular batch was a little surprising. Step mom decided to go against her standard issue of racy high cut numbers, and sent me professional lady underwear - fancy brands in pastels with full coverage of the ass and lace edging - I saw grandma had the same sort of thing in her basket last time i visited. Is Step Mom trying to tell me I’m getting old?)

I also got some money, cute nightlight and a sparkly red sweater from Mom and spank. Additionally, angelface’s fam invited me to their house for the b-day and spoiled me with a yummy chocolate cake and a day spent watching lifetime movies. I have a lot of cake left over - about half of the thing actually. So guess what i’m having for lunch? Cake. Guess what i’m having for dinner? Cake. ilovecakeilovecakeilovecakeilovecake.

The dawson update: A few times a year I always say i’m going to quit watching DC, but never get around to it. Well last friday’s episode made me feel violently ill, and again I reconsidered quitting my fav. show.

Stuck to a chair
watching this story …
You make me complete
You make me completely miserable
lit, miserable

Yes, Dawson - big head - Leery dig get with Jen , aka the slut, Lindley! The flirting made chunks rise in my throat and I thought I would vomit. The kissing * god, i’m shuddering to even type about it * was more than anyone should have to endure watching - dawson, with his enormous nostrils flaring, sucked the life out of jen. Like helium from a balloon or air from that plastic woman my bachelor friends keep in their kitchen, jen lindley simply deflated under the durress of Dawson’s vacuum mouth. ICK. oh lord, and the worst part is - they had to go all the way! Yes, they are lovers. *i’m really shuddering now - the revulsion is overpowering*

This stuff is so disgusting, I seriously don’t know if i can take it. Damn you DC writers! You do a lousy job, my pet fish with his ganglia for brains could write a better script.

That reminds me, must feed darling Minh Twin. Then it’s off to give a presentation for a class final. Prep for this class has caused me to break out. Hmm, breakout is close to mouth. maybe i can cover it with toothpaste, so it disguises blemish as merely slopping brushing job. Boo, school is no fun, and repeat, SUCKS.

last fridays DC show ranking on the vomit -o-meter: 100% and rising!

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