My name is Hänni. This is my haus.

about me

I’m Hänni, and I have oft been called artsy fartsy… and jackass. I am a copy and technical writer by profession, but I’ve really been a Rebel With A Clause my entire life. I am a Texas transplant by way of Florida, Virgina and Alaska before that. I have two cats and ten hairy hobbit toes.

Twenty seven years ago I was born bald, breach, and naked. This whole greeting the world feet-first thing seems to be a metaphor for my life; I’m sometimes slow on the uptake, most times a non-conformist, and am, at all times, quirky and eccentric. I am a geek.

n. 1. Someone who can not hide her humanity (“A true geek, Hänni is the only 27-year-old on the planet who routinely manages to accidentally wear her undies inside out on a bi-weekly basis.”)

In addition to being a nerd, I am also a Virginia Tech alumni (Go hokies!) who graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Communication Studies (Go honors geeks!). I attended VT from fall 1999 to spring 2003 where I participated in a number of irreverent, ridiculous exploits including the founding of AΣΣ, (A.S.S.), the anti-sorority-sorority, S.H.I.T., the Staff Healthy Interaction Team, and Hännihaus, this little bloggy gem that has occupied so much of my time that it has frequently been detrimental to my hygiene. (Why bathe when you can blog?)

I am fairly obsessed with vegetables and try to live my life in a zen-like, naturopathic, antiseptic, gluten-free, lactose-free, caffeine-free, omega3-enriched haze. I love to rant about rock stars (specifically rock star boys who wear makeup -I.e. My Chemical Romance sexy-ass hotpants, Gerard Way), celebrities, sweat, smells, cats and cooking.