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November 28th, 2001

Thanksgiving with Gma and Gpa was mahvelous! We had a lot of fun and learned maybe more than we wanted to know about eachother. For example, during the course of the holidays grandpa confided that grandma had bought him a leapard print thong that he wore to work once, but it kept getting stuck in his crack. He also told me had a huge collection of speedos, one of which is flourescent pink. I’ve seen grandpa in a speedo before. It was rather horrifying, but I gotta give the old guy props. It takes guts to wear a speedo when your 76 years old.

Gma and Gpa also gave me any food i wanted and introduced me to some new ones that were suprisingly good. We had pickled okra, peaches and apples during thanksgiving dinner. They were all pretty good, but i’m a huge fan of the okra now. Weird for a northern girl, i guess. Also, vlasic pickles - i’ve never had them and i’m sad that 21 years of my life have been spent without them. I have a bottle in my fridge, and am sure to eat one atleast every day.

dear vlasic pickles:

How do i need you?
well can’t you tell
I need you like a penny needs a wishing well…
how do i love you
well let’s count the ways
there aint no number high enough to count this phrase
Wrapped up in you - Garth brooks

school is alright. There’s the big Tech vs. Miami game on saturday, so that is something to look forward to. Angelface will meet smug ellie’s wills for the first time. This is exciting, because angelface hasn’t even seen smug ellie for about a year. It’s time to hop in the car kids - family reunion time!

Dawon’s update: this week jen is supposed to become dawsons girlfriend - again just like when they were fifteen. This thought makes me want to barf.

File this under: finally blogging again

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