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February 25th, 2006

I usually get boring stuff like “Call me, k?”, “Love u babe”, or “I’m totally there!” text messaged to me on my phone. Last night, however, I got something that was totally unexpected, entirely delightful, and quite possibly a little explosive in nature.

As I was heading home from work, from my darling friend Christoph, I received this:


How kind of him. I guess, post gut-busting lunch at Cheng’s China Buffet, Christoph was a little concerned.

Christoph, in answer to your text, no I do not “got trots.”

  • The veggie lo mein I had for lunch *did not* barrel through my bowels faster than an athlete at the Olympic luge.
  • I have *not* made penance to the gods of gastrointestinal distress and general tsao.
  • I *do not* have the Orient Express coursing through my arsehole.

So yes, rest easy darling Christoph: I have no intestinal adventures to report…

But if I *did* have diarrhea, I’d totally blog about it here at the haus. Because that’s how we do (doo doo)… but I digress.

OK. Enough of this tom foolery. I’m on my way to ak vackay and I need pack. And if you haven’t done so already, dear hannihaus readers, join my map. (I’m sorry. That was bad.)

3 Haus Calls for “Phone a Friend”

  1. Julie K from VT Says:

    my sister’s fiance calls it “got the soups”

  2. Sassy8877 Says:

    Some TM’s are totally worth keeping :)

  3. Christoph Says:


    I enjoyed our visit to the buffet. It was my first buffet experience since coming back from D.C. last October. As you may remember - I had called off all buffet activity in the near future. So you can imagine the intestinal treasures I found soon after lunching at the Cheng’s China Buffet. It’s all good though. Even if you had not the trots - for I had enough for the both of us… and perhaps enough for the other fiends at the table that day.

    Four in the Kooch, fiends!

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