Why do you call your site “hannihaus” and not Hanni’s house?

Well, “haus” has a nice European flair to it, and because I was born in Idaho and raised in backwoods Alaska with no running water, I need all the sophistication I can get. Plus my dad is German, and I myself have a German name (note the umlaut in “Hänni”), and therefore, by virtue of my father’s nationality and my dotted “a”, I feel it is only fitting that I euro-spell “haus.”

How do you pronounce hannihaus?

Like HAW-knee house… it’s not HAW-knee hoss or Hanny HA-us. It’s just my name + house. Easy right? Just remember this: HAW-knee house – it rhymes with skank a$$ blouse.

Who coined the name hannihaus?

Back in 2002 I had to make a Web site for a class. It was called “International House of Hanni”, or the IHOH for short. The splash had a picture of a 1950’s modern-style sofa and it said “Welcome to my House.” People started telling me that was cute, you know because Hänni and house, that’s like alliteration. Well, one day SORM IM’d me something about my “haus”, and then the rest is history.

How did you and Angelface meet? Is his name “Angel” in real life?

I met my husband, Angelface, when we were in college. My friend Switzy asked me if I wanted to meet this kid on our hall, (we lived in a co-ed dorm), whose “mom makes really good brownies.” Never being one to turn down baked goods, I accompanied Switzy on what would be Angel and I’s first face-to-face. The brownies were actually Texas sheet cake, and yeah they were awesome, but there was really no interaction betwixt us, besides me stuffing my eager face with chocolate and him watching with eyes wide in horror and amazement at the amount of cake I was stuffing in my pie hole.

A few days later Angelface came by my room and invited me out for ice cream. We had the worst first date ever, as we both complained with a vengeance about how much we hated relationships. A future with the ‘Face did not seem imminent, but here we are six years later, and now I’m his wife (and maybe a WILF too!). And the best part is, I get to eat Texas sheet cake whenever I want, because Angel’s mom is now my mom too!

And no, his real name is not Angel. In fact, I don’t even call him Angelface except on my blog. If I need his attention, I usually call him darling or jackass. Both are terms of great affection.

How come you always say “eff,” “f-“ or “$#%*” instead of the real word?

You will never read the f-word totally spelled out at the haus, except I think its in one post where I was directly quoting beat poetry, and oh there was the time guest writer, Smug Ellie dropped the f-bomb regarding a family feud. It’s not that I’m against eff, I just don’t use it IRL, so why start here?

Wasn’t this site called the 10cent Sparkler before?

Yes. In its inception in 2001, when it was hosted at blogspot, I called my site the 10cent Sparkler. I thought it had a nice ring to it, and was (I’d hoped) quite witty, like it was the online equivalent of those Nickel Saver papers you get the grocery store. It wasn’t News Week, the Daily Press, or even the Enquirer. It was just a little freebie read that might make you laugh…or cry…or pee your pants. After you had a good read, you’d go on with your day and maybe tell some friends about that funny blog you stumbled upon.

That being said, even though we’re hannihaus now, the sentiment is the same. We’re still dedicated to making you rofl on a daily basis.

Why do you always talk about SORM? Don’t you have other friends?

In answer to the first half of this question, I can’t stop talking about SORM because:
1. He is probably hannihaus’s biggest fan (besides maaa and cg who are obligated to love me, and by extension my haus, because they gave birth/raised me).
2. SORM looks exactly like an illegitimate love child of 80’s pop icon, Richard Marx. When I first met him and told him that, he did not recoil in horror. He thought it was cool. That’s why we are friends
3. He started me on blogging – he kvetched and kvetched until I set up the 10Cent Sparkler in 2001.
4. He is my admin and therefore kicks major a$$. I could not run this site without him.

In answer to the second half the question… Yes, I do have friends. Their names are Bitsy and Bubsy and they live in my imagination. Just kidding, folks. Seriously, my friends are the best, and sometimes I find myself having a Sally-Fields-wins-the-Oscar-type moment and I’m like “You like me! You really like me!”

I love you so much. Can I link to your site?

I love you too! And that answer to your question would be a resounding “yes!”

Do you have a question about Hänni or the haus? E-mail it to . Domo arigatou mr. roboto.