Where The Eff Is Hänni?

March 5th, 2006

Stampy asks “where are you Hänni?” In answer, I’ve been here and there, but mostly there. I’ve gone from the land of flip flops to the land of long johns, and now it’s back to the flops. I’ve gone from drinking ice cold evian to swigging steaming hot soymilk, and today I’ve got a lukewarm cholorophyll-rich green drink in front of me.

I am tired. I am cranky. I have really bad hair.

But I’m back… and I’ve got some really great stories.

Sad thing is, they’ll have to wait. I’ve got some grocerys to buy (my kittinks are starvink) and a wedding to attend this evening (can’t wait to wear my new cheetah print shift). If things go well, you won’t hear from me tonight - mostly because I’ll be dancing the Macarena til my feet blister, buzzed off enough free booze that I won’t even feel the tortured tootsies.

I’d leave you with a teaser - a pic to pass the time - but Angelface took my camera. He’s in Houston. Probably eating barbecue. Maybe learning to line dance. I don’t know what all they do there -I don’t mess with Texas.

And with that, I must bid you adieu. I’ve missed you all so very much dear hannihaus readers. I promise - scouts honor (and I was a girlscout for an embarrasingly long time) - the next time I write, it will be “ret ‘art’ ed” just like you and Stampy like it.

Cheers kids!  Join my map?

10 Haus Calls for “Where The Eff Is Hänni?”

  1. ScottyGee Says:

    I just want some hot ass eskimo pictures!

    Welcome back. That temperature change has to be insane. In the membrane…

  2. gary Says:

    Hanni, I was worried about you. I thought you were sitting in jail somewhere, pissed off because google reported your searches to the government.

  3. Dima Says:

    Welcome back babe… I really REALLY REALLY missed you! ‘Cause I’m insane got no brain…

  4. Christoph Says:

    Yes! Hot ass Eskimo pictures and pictures of the wedding. I’m sure that Pepe was on his best behavior. I need to see if he did anything special with the lid or the stache. Did he Spock out at any point? Damn I shoulda gone! Goods! We need the Goods! Damn yous!

    4 in the kooch… Hännibus is back!

  5. divinecalm Says:

    Welcome back!!!

  6. Hänni Says:

    ScottyGee - Thanks for the welcome. Yeah it’s crazy being back in Margaritaville, but I’m not complaining.

    gary - No I wasn’t in jail, just stuck in an airplane for 24 hours last week. Jail might’ve been preferable -at least I could’ve gotten a semi-decent meal in the clink.

    Dima - Are you like me because you “aint got no brain?” If you only had a brain, would you still dig the haus?

    Christophe - there was no spock out, but there was a lot of rocking out… specifically to Billie Jean. Pepe did not disappoint with his Michael Jackson moves.

  7. Erin Mc Says:

    Glad to hear you had a good time the Alaska, and that you made it back to FL safe and sound. I am wishing for warmer weather myself!

    Have fun at the wedding!

  8. wordgirl Says:

    Well, we do eat barbecue here. And we drink beer and we open our car doors with potholders in the summer months when it’s 114 degrees. But…not everyone wears boots or hats and no one rides a horse to work. It’s a Red State, true enough, and that makes me fairly unhappy, but there are a few things here that aren’t bad.

  9. Alanna Says:

    Rejoice! Our dear Hanni is back! I missed yah!

  10. Hänni Says:

    Erin MC - I’m sending warm weather vibes to Ohio. Wedding was great! Had like 5 bay breezes - woo!

    wordgirl - lol @ the pot holders. And hey, aint nothing wrong with bbq, unless of course, if you don’t like meat and sauce that much… *eh hem* veggie queen in da haus.

    Alanna - Oh i missed you too! I gotta get a laptop. I was seriously panicking while home with the folks, b/c their computer is really bo bo, so it’s not condusive to frantic blogging… or even not so frantic blogging for that matter.

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