Tech Bytes

March 16th, 2003

I find it ironic that my blogger template won’t open today. (I am typing this in word for post later.) It is only fitting, as I’ve decided to write on the topic of why my computer, slow servers, and technology in general is ruining my week.

After spending an agonizing week compressing, zipping, uploading, downloading, copying and deleting my paltry 86 pictures from Disney world, I still can’t get them small enough to email or post on the filebox server. And I totally want to show people my great pics.

Why the hell do I have a digital camera if I can’t post the pics? I certainly can’t print them, as have 8 pieces of photo paper and an HP deskjet that is only sufficient for printing black and white word documents ? well it probably could print in color, but as I haven?t bothered to replace that cartridge that ran out in 2000, well color is a non-issue.

So I think, okay, gotta get those pics distributed some way. And then I think maybe I should burn them onto a cd ? I think I have a couple of those lying around.

The only problem with said burning plan: my CD burner hasn?t worked for months, (although angelface claims that it does.) Apparently the windows player can burn data cds, but I really don’t see that working either. I just don’t.

I am the computer?s bitch.

Let’s face it. They say computers will one day rule the world. Well, at Hannihouse the future is now, and I?m a slave to technology that refuses to do my bidding.

This is computer bitch 23456 signing off. *beep*

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