I Believe in Magic

March 12th, 2003

I’m back from fabulous Spring Break 2003, and I have to say it was better than I could even imagine.

At Disney World I:

Rode the monorail, tram, bus, ferrie, boat and train. I screamed my way down splash mountain and laughed my way through the muppet 3d theater. I growled like a lion at the lion king show, and sang along with Belle during Beauty and Beast. I ate icecream shaped like mickey ears and bratwurst from a bavarian village in Epcot. Fat Tuesday I celebrated New Years Eve at Pleasure Island where dancing on rotating dancefloors in front of huge video screens was the order of the night. I came, I saw, I believe - in the magic of Disney, that is.

I am back, sparkly-eyed, tan, healthy, alive. I returned to my little home in blacksburg, virginia where I was greeted by Boris and Paulo, who bubbled happily for me. I then took a big, deep, happy breath.

To my dismay, something else was waiting to greet me - the housekeeper had left my bathmat on the floor when she cleaned the shower. It wasn’t just wet, it was sopping, which lead me to believe the housekeeper had cleaned the tile floor without even *trying* to move the fluffy mat off the floor. The odoriferous smell of mold and feet - on - mat permeated my little 12 X 14 space.

Yes, there’s no place like home.

And I think the housekeeper may have done it on purpose. I had a very good working relationship with Mary, the lady who used to clean my commode. This new housekeeper is afraid of me or something, as she is prone to gasp and leave the room if she sees I am in bed when she comes in to clean. Hello, if it’s freakin’ 9:00 a.m. I will probably be in bed. I am, after all, in my final semester of collegiate freedom!

This housekeeper has also left the shower head off before, putting me into a panic as I do not wear deodorant, and am therefore required to thoroughly bathe every day. Well, if the shower head is off, you *can* try to get a good soak, but the intensity of the liquid splashing from the hole in the wall (where the head should be), is enough to send even The Rock in all his muscular splendor washing down the drain.

The rushing waters of Payne 323 may even be strong enough to send the mighty jafar packing!

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