OMG, Am Blogging Consecutively!

November 12th, 2002

I saw Pirate Pete on my way back from class this eve.
He was wearing his black swashbuckling t shirt, as usual.
He has dyed his carrot-colored mop of curly hair fire engine red.
And I thought, if your hair is orange, why would you go red?

But I can’t dis it, cause red is the greatest. Lookee at my
red hair from the summer. Aren’t me and Nolie cuties, or what?

In other news, have a group project due this week. I only have one
this semester, so I should be happy, but it’s for that freakin comm class.
You know, the one that made me go AAAAAAAAA. The scream that
was heard across Hännihouse. The scream that screwed up my HTML

My teacher, we’ll call her (EWL- Go To Hell) is *sadistic*. From an outsiders perspective
she may seem very nice. She dresses in nice blouses and slacks, keeps her
nails painted red or pink (no chips either!), and she has these nice blonde highlights.
She smiles a lot, and I’ve noticed she has this one crooked tooth.

But she is eeeeeviiiiillll. Okay, so we have three ball-breaking tests this semester
- oh the third one is a cummulative final. In addition we have two detailed case
studies to write up. We have to create a “porfolio”, an annotated bibliography,
a research paper, a group project, and attendance is taken at every, excrutiating
three-hour class. Oh and the group project, well it’s 45 minutes long, we must use
multiple visuals and a present an activity. We’ll prepare a group paper that fairly explains
our entire presentation. We even have to prepare a needs statement.

Yes, I have to tell EWL-Go To Hell why the hell students in our class need to listen to our
presentation. Frankly I don’t care if anybody shows up. I guess the main thing is, they need to
listen to our presentation, cause we get participation points for showing up to class - just like
in elementary school.

I’m afraid to skip class. I’m afraid if I don’t show up EWL-Go To Hell will find out, and
become so enraged that she’ll have no choice but to morph into her true form: a bonefide,
fire-breathing dragon.

Fear of death is actually pretty good motivation to go to class… speaking of which, am
off to group meeting torture. Ta!

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