I Will Always Love Perr

November 16th, 2002

As it’s getting to be around the holidays, I find myself missing home.
I miss Mom. I miss CG Dad, Spank, and rock star brother
I miss snow. I miss mountains. I miss the freaks who hang out at my fav.
coffee shop, and i miss the oily layer on top of the coffee I drink at that coffee shop.

I came across this poem the other day. I think I wrote it when I was like 17.
Thought I’d share it here. It’s about me and Perr Baby, my precious kitten,
god rest her soul. She lived to be about 11, and died of leukemia shortly
before I wrote this poem. It’s a tribute.

An Adorable milk - stained
Calls to her girl.
Girl glances up.
Her Freckles dance across her Tigerlilly face.
The sun laughs.
Her Spoiled
Flops over.

Dirt under her nails and
Strawberries in palm.
Girl reflects in the garden shelter.
The boy she loves.
He smiles
Like Green gumby.
With Curly Hair,
And Enchanting accent.

She sings love songs in the bathtub.
And Joni Mitchell on the lawn
With her fender accoustic.
A Long - legged spider travels
over Girl’s rainbow toes.
She’s indifferent.
While some have apples,
She has stars.
On her cheeks.
And in her eyes.
In her hair.

“Lovely idea Perr baby.”
Girl says to her heart. Cat.
Then Stretches out for
A nap with the rhubarb

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