Paaaaty Wa

November 11th, 2002

Today was just another manic monday oh, oh.
I woke at 8:15, joltingly, as the sound of cathedral bells
fairly assaulted my eardrums. Why can’t I have a normal
alarm clock, with a normal digital “unnngh, unnnghing”
to wake me from my slumber? Why I gots to be all
classy-like with my alarm clock settings?


Well one thing’s for sure, no more cathedral bells for me.
Tonight i’m setting it to “chimes,” so there!

I’m really happy lately. I think it’s cause vacation is, at long -
f*ing - last almost here. This year I’m going to eat turkey with
angelface and his country-people relatives. Apparently like 60 of
these people are going to gather at the Golden Corall on the 28th,
and chomp down on some buffet vittles. Then they’ll drink some
moonshine, square dance, and shoot some guns.

Well, maybe they won’t square dance.

In any event, I have requested that angel prepare onion rings and
french toast royale in my honor. You know it’s love when your
sweetie makes you deserts and stinky veggies.

Am also really excited about Spankin’s 18th birthday on Nov. 18th.
How’s this for ghetto? I totally wrapped sis’s bday present in the
pharmacy bag that my antifungal cream came in this morning.
Apparently you can get athletes foot on your boobs. The doctor
told me it’s actually quite common, so I shouldn’t feel like a freak.

I think the dr. lied. Fungus on your betty-and-wilmas can’t be normal.

As you can tell, I’m real concerned. Yeah… not really.

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