November 7th, 2002


Am just enjoying an overpriced, overrated cup of
freshen’s “orange dream” frozen yogurt. While it
is no substitute for Macado’s Island Eruption, …

imagine three mounds of mint chip icecream sitting a top brownies
almost as good as mom makes. The concoction is smothered in the darkest,
thickest, dirtiest hot fudge ever imagined. Thick ribbons of creamy,
homemade whipped cream envelopes sizeable chunks of
crisp, refreshing york pepermint patty. The fudge is hot, the icecream
cold. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *licks lips in delicious anticipation*

So, where was I? Does it matter? Probably not. I apologize for the
uninspired postings. Am still angry at blogger, and am psychologically
punishing them by not blogging… of course, to a logical person that
makes no sense. Hrmph.

Well, welcome to Hännihouse, where there’s
always a battle going on in my head between someone who is mildly
eccentric, and someone who is wildy eccentric.

Oh, alumni schmoozing went well. I have an invite to tour AOL, and will
head up to D.C. with angelface during thanksgiving break. Will be meeting
lots of fancy corporate professionals. Maybe if i’m real cute, and wag my
tail a lot, then they’ll keep me. *fingers crossed*

In related news, it looks like my sister Spank has aquired a new four-legged
friend. His name is “Woody”, and he is a Pug.

CG Dad’s take on the name, God bless him:
why would you name your pet after an erection?

Who names a Pug “woody?” anyway? It’s much too rugged for a cute,
sniffling, squishy pup. Instead, I will call him Prince Ferdinand.
Prince Ferdinand wears a little white sweater that mom purchased
at the local pet store.

I can’t wait to go home and frolic with Ferdinand, and then eat Mom’s
Chinese. I’m so sick of the swill at owens. Today I ate “pizza macaroni”
for lunch. That is a fancy name for leftovers with a few greasy pieces
of peperoni as a topper.

I used to think I was having heartattacks every day, but then I realized it’s just
the food here.

Oh that reminds me. It’s dinner time. Adieu*

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