Game Day

November 2nd, 2002

Today is the Tech game against Pittsburg.
Of course we are going to win, but the anticipation is lovely.

Am currently extremely nervous - not about Pitt
but about the “tailgate” I will be attending before the game.
I was introduced to an alumni dude at the beginning of
the semester via email. I haven’t really met him though.
Today he’s here with his friends for the game, and my
presence has been requested at Top of the Stairs.

Am sure to dress very hokie-esque with VT shirt
layered over a maroon long sleeve deal. I think Alumni
would like the hokie dress.

Am making Smug Ellie go with me for the alumni junx.
Hope she doesn’t still have pink hair from Halloween.
She was kelly F*ing Osbourne -

Great costume, don’t you think? Our friend Beth K, unbenownst
to us was also K. Osbourne. Lots of F words flew between
Smug and Beth K that night - it was all in good fun.

Nobody got that I was hildi from trading spaces, and i shuddered
in horror. Wondered if people thought my gawdy walmart pearls
and plastic strappy shoes were my fashion statement. Oh, yes
I had hildi’s bad hair part too … but only girls would notice that
sort of thing anyway.

Well must quit rambling and prep for the alumni meeting - ugh
why am i so fabulous?

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