C’est Halloween

October 31st, 2002

Well I haven’t been blogging, because it really bothers me that the formatting on my page is screwed up. Screeeewww Yooooou Blogger!
But fish said the annoying formatting would go away after i got enough journal entries to bump it off.
Please bear with me.

In related news, I dreamed that sorm were gay lovers living together.
(they are both male). Oddly, Fish was having sorm’s baby. Fish kept grimacing and complaining about his aching back.
Sorm kept telling me he had to get away from fish’s constant nagging.

I didn’t really interact. Just kept analyzing the formica table top
(maybe this is because I will be hildi santos tomas of Tryeating Spices fame for Halloween)

Anyway, when i told sorm about my dream, he told me it wasn’t gaydar or anything. He said that in actuality,
it represented the “extended family” we had going in the past year, before the graduation of fish and sorm,
when we’d sit around and watch kubrik films on the weekends. I wasn’t getting it.

Then sorm said that him and fish were my parents, at least psychologically. And the baby? Well that represented my “biological clock was ticking”

At that moment I wondered if sorm had taken up smoking crack.

We all know I hate babies. Why the hell is fish’s pregnancy thrown on me? I feel that sorm’s biological clock is ticking.

Oh thought this was funny, because I find myself to be more like spiderbear, or evilbear, but am cheerbear
See what Care Bear you are.

Frightening - and somehow, appropriate on this scariest of halloweens! BOO

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