newly gay and in love

October 19th, 2001

So i had the most mahvelous evening with hino “deez nuts” banzon. Over dinner Hino divulged that he has the hots for this cutey philipino gurl. Hino brought her purple roses for her birthday, because purple is her fav. color. (my favorite color is red for those of you who wish to send flowers for my b-day Dec. 2, when like smug ellie I will turn 21) Anyway, hino has been doing all these super cute things that guys do when they are chasing their ladies. Yep, he’s kicked into mr. sensitive mode, and i like it! While it gives me enormous pleasure to discuss pretty things with hino, it simply gives his roommate G serious, raging heartburn.

A recent conversation between G the single playa, and love sick hino went as such:

Hino: dude, your dresser would be really cool if it was multicolored, like if the drawers were red and yellow, or something.
G: (eyebrows raised) and how would i get a multicolored dresser?
Hino: we could do it ourselves. like get some paints from walmart. it would be fun.
G: (seriously alarmed) Dude, this girl turned you gay. Damn hino!

Oh to be newly gay and in love.

Shout outs: to everyone who has checked up on me. I love you all.

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