it’s time to play the feud

October 22nd, 2001

so we’re having a family feud and it’s apparently all my fault. i just (in the last 45 minutes) spilled a secret that upset a certain person, was cursed out by another person who found out i spilled the secret, became aware that another person is thoroughly pissed off at me because of the whole ordeal. i didn’t know the “secret” was such a big deal that was going to be totally blown out of proportion so now i’m being blackballed by a fair number of my extended family that ranges halfway across the country. i actually thought initially that the one i spilled to was already aware of the secret and just wanted to confirm it with me. and honestly, what can one REALLY do when a senior member of the family curses you out? according to this person, i am an “asshole” who did this “for kicks.” yes, i TOTALLY get off on saying things intentionally to hurt loved family members. ah…but i’ve learned that one also cannot rationally explain something to a person acting irrationally from years of living with my mother. not that my mother is a bad person. she’s usually quite fun…but when she gets on a roll, there’s no talking to her until she calms down. i’m also not talking about my mother in this particular instance. and to top it all off, i have decided BY CHOICE (no matter how ridiculous it sounds) to lose out on $450. short explanation: i was going to go on a trip to visit certain persons in question, thanks to the generousity of another person in question. however, at this point, i want NOTHING to do with any of these people, nor do i want to be indebted to anyone. i’ve got non-refundable plane tickets in my possession, paid in full, that i really do not feel like using. so bye bye $450, b/c i’m really considering paying it back, not going, and THAT is THAT. oh, and thank you so much osama, you asscrack, for making it impossible to give my tickets to someone else. they are also non-transferrable. you will rot in the firey pits of hell one day and i will laugh and dance on your grave.


and you know what? i’m pretty fucking pissed off myself. yes, FUCKING. i said “fucking” and i don’t care! is that going to be a fucking problem?

smug? hardly.

one last thing before i retire to an uneasy sleep. we think my sister’s 15 year old friend is knocked up. she’s a whore. that’s all.

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