The Idol Files: Part II

May 2nd, 2005

I’m really disappointed with the idols this year, and can not pick a favorite. None of them deserves to win, and I’ll tell you why:

Scotty The Body - Has abhorrent sausage fingers.

Carrie - Has no personality, and while her hair has gotten better in the past few weeks, I can not forgive her .

Anthony - Has a femme facade which was only made worse by singing, and kicking a$$ on a heartfelt Celine Dion number. Coincidently, this may have been the only time Anthony has ever wanted to nail a woman.

Vonzelle - Has the sweetest personality. I can not say anything against Baby V, except that I just don?t think she?s at the same level as past winners.

Bo - Has some skeletons in his closet of which I highly disapprove. Crack is wack kids! He does have talent though, and maybe people will still keep voting for him despite the cocaine - hey, it didn’t hurt the President.

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