20 Seconds

April 18th, 2005

I think it was hassle the writer day at A Very Hip Software Company. It seems that every 20 seconds someone from some random department needed some form of copy and they needed it STAT.

And of course, because I had to see so many different people today, my hair decided to go all wonky.

I am having the worst hair day! It looks like some sort of toupee that’s been run over a few times with a Mac truck. To contrast with the flatness, right in the middle of my head, right on the very crown, there is a hairy halo, a poofy bit of frizz that looks remarkably like a robin’s nest.

Why on a day when I am so very popular, is my hair so hideous?

Additionally, because I was feeling blah this morning, I wore the sweatshirt-that’s-too-grungy-for-casual-wear with flip flops and unpainted toes. In short, even the worst slob would be outraged by the sheer schlubbyness of my attire today.

In addition, I think I am getting arthritis in my right wrist, the remnants of my cubicle neighbor’s stinky tuna sandwich has lodged itself in my left nostril, and I’m forcing myself to eat fish and green beans for dinner, when all I really want is a big bowl chocolate chip cookies, drowned in fudge, served with brownie ice cream as the chaser.

Oy vei.

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