They Also Make Down Blankets From ‘Em

April 17th, 2005

I was IMing a coworker the other day and I guess my relentless nonsensical rantings kind of got to him. At one point, in response to something about my love of creamed asparagus, he typed back in exasperation, gheesh!

And I furiously responded with, Don’t you mean “sheesh!”

A defensive fellow, he hurriedly typed back something about being Canadian, and how Canadians choose to pronounce “sheesh” with a soft g proceeding the eesh. (Having dated a Canadian, and having more than a fraction of a brain, I think this is bull crap, but that is another story.)

I typed back, No “gheesh” is something entirely different from “sheesh”.

Any idiot knows that “sheesh” is something you say when you’ve run out of anything clever to come back with. As for the Canadian “gheesh”, you can’t fool me. Gheesh are things that fly south for the winter. Sometimes they lay golden eggs, have bumps, and play duck, duck.

We kept up the gheesh / sheesh fight for a few more bouts, before retiring to other things of importance, i.e. working.

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  1. Unknown Says:

    A sure sign of Spring in Alaska. The gheesh have returned to the Valley this week.Soon the fields will be slick with gheesh goo. :-D

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