She’s Aliiiive!

January 10th, 2005

Oh vei! How bad am I for putting off blogging? I’ve got so many fantastic stories that never made it to this haus. I’ve got stories about slacking, stories about firing, stories about vicious cats, stories about docile cats. I’ve got stories that are so funny I cry just thinking about them, and stories so cute it’d make your heart swell.

I must, as a matter of New Years resolve, begin blogging more frequently. While today’s post may be lame, at least I’m posting. I find that typing the post is the hardest part. All day long I think of hilarious things to write, but then I never get around to doing it. That changes today!

In the news, I have a new job. I work for an anti spyware company that’s *joy of joys* located only 10 minutes from my house. And get this - I am currently employed as a copywriter. Yes kids, I am now writing professionally for a living. The best part of this new job is - no snoopy micromanaging know-nothing bosses peering over my shoulder every two seconds. Everyone is sort of autonomous and cool with their iPods and geek speak. I likee.

Yes, leaving my previous company was not hard. I never wrote about all the craziness there, for fear that someone would see my blog and fire me. But I’m proud to say, as of recently the craziness at the crappiest job ever has been chronicled in a blog called The Producers. Hurrah for that!

Well I start work in an hour at 10 (another fantastic perk of current job), so I must go shower (lest i offend my coworkers).

With that I bid you adieu!

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