You May Kiss the Bride

August 6th, 2004

Hello fabulous hannihouse readers. Since my last posting I have found myself caught up in something pretty big. I’m a whirling dervish as I flit, flit, fly through each task, dance, party and paycheck.

For those of you living under rocks the past 5 months Angelface and I have decided to make it last forever, if you will. Angel and I are getting hitched in August 04. Yep like the August 04 we’re experiencing now.

For the first time ever, this haus will be run by a Mrs!

This whole planning a wedding thing has been crazy to say the least. We’ve decided to exchange holy vows in Alaska, and so have had to plan flowers, food and formalwear from 3,000 miles away.

You know how hard it is to plan party favors and punch from 3,000 miles away? All I can say is oy vei!

Everyone has been really great throughout this whole process though. The girlies from work threw fabulous bridal and bachelorette parties. No, we didn’t have strippers, but that doesn’t mean the party host didn’t try to recruit them from the streets of Orlando. Yes there is footage. No, I will not be posting it on the internet.

As I mentioned everyone has been super fab throughout the craziness. My step maaa is doing a great asian-inspired, art deco, old hollywood aeronautical theme that is sure to be memorable and not quite conventional.

Who gives a crap about roses and lace anyway? Who cares about tradition, convention and conformity? Not this Bride 2 Bee! I say bring on the 747s, bamboo and paper lanterns.

Today is my last day of slavery - i mean work- before the wedding. Today is also casual Friday. As I transition from the girl I was in college to the woman I’ll be in marriage, I can’t help feeling compelled. I feel compelled to make today my special tribute, and so dear readers, today is ASS Friday.

Oh Alpha Sigma Sigma, the Anti Sorority Sorority, how I miss those carefree days. Well, they can live on - today I’ve got the ASS t shirt and silver dangling neclace going.

Well see if the staunchy workmates even get the sweet, sweet irony of my seemingly innocent greek tee this am. Mwa ha ha.

Til next - hanni

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