A Hännihouse Holiday

December 3rd, 2002

Break out the streamers and confetti.
Put on your party pants and don a
cone-shaped cap.
It’s a Happy Unbirthday Party at H䮮ihouse.

I did the real deal yesterday, and I just can’t seem
to give it up. Yesterday, December 2nd, 2002, I had the
pleasure of turning 23 years old. Much fun was had as
well wishers came by to celebrate the glorious day of
my illustrious birth.

I ate a delicious marble cake, carefully prepared for me
by Betty Crocker, and Sean, the drillfield area office manager.
Angelface gave me a gameboy advance, mario kart, and pyou
pop, an english version of the 1996 japanese game pyou pyou,
which i used to spend hours in front of when I was Japanese…

atleast I thought I was Japanese after spending a year in Asia
speaking the language and slipping on shower shoes every time
I entered the loo.

Mom gave me a v. beautiful throw with beautiful garden flowers
embroidered into the pattern. She also sent me english jam,
coco, candy canes, and a birthday card with snakes on it.

The snakes are all wearing party hats and socializing with one
another in parseltongue (Harry Potter reference, I couldn’t resist!)
Anyway, the one snake has his eyebrows raised and he’s saying
“What do you mean ‘time for spankings’? He has no butt!”

Cracks me up.
But then I think, do snakes really not have butts?


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