A Note From the Road

November 29th, 2002

Am writing to you on location in flourescently lit
Golden Corral office, Rocky Mount, Va.
To my left is a 12 by 42 inch pane of greasy glass.
bad checks and time cards line the sill.

To my right is a tile wall, not unlike that seen in the Hännihouse
ladie’s room. There are some keys dangling from a makeshift
hook, and an inch-thick stack of food receipts lies on a clipboard.

Shining down on me from about 9 feet above is the
aforementioned fluorescent light panel. Behind me I hear
the buzzing of some sort of food processing contraption.

Yes this is the life. The I’m-On-Thanksgiving-Break
kind of life. Pass the pie.

Angelface and I had a whirlwind trip to our nation’s capital
earlier this week. We went to the smithsonian, saw a capitols
game, saw a wizards game (Michael Jordan was super neat.
as angel says “we were so close we could see the sweat on
his bald head.”) We even did a little nightlifing.

We met smug in alexandria one night and caroused a bit
at an irish pub called Murphys. The obvious highlight of
the night was when the singer, Pat Carrol serenaded Angel
with a West Virginia Version of the John Denver Classic,
“country roads”

And then we were back in Rocky Mount. Turkey dinner was
unique - I dined with about 60 people who were all somehow
related to angel’s stepmom, but who for the life of me, I don’t
remember seeing or hearing anything about - ever.

It was fun though. Miss Frith - she was something else.
Miss Frith is 90 years-old, has white hair, bright eyes
and skin so soft it could rival a newborns’. Angelface
said he’d send her home with some cookies, which delighted
the woman to no end. She explained she ate cookies
every single night before bed.

Miss Frith is my hero.

In other news,
I’m so surprised no one has commented on this, but it
seems I have named my new web site
“the cockroach with cheese”.
At least that’s what fernando, the butcher in back
said that’s what “la cuca racha con quesa” means.

Of course, now I know that nobody ever reads
this crap. Either that or the entire H䮮ihouse fanbase -
like its illustrious author - is completely, utterly, hopelessly,
ignorant of the spanish language.

Oy, yoi yoi and adios amigos.

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