MTV, You’re Killin’ Me!

July 2nd, 2002

A couple days ago I wrote about MTV’s nauseating new reality show Brandy: Special Delivery. Just when I thought MTV couldn’t do any worse, I happened to catch an episode of Sorority Life.

All I can say is, like, totally gag me with a spoon.

So this show is really boring. Basically, it follows these Californian Sorostitutes who talk catty behind each other’s backs. I don’t need to watch MTV to get this sort of drama. I’d be better off just starting a rumor at work, and waiting for the back lash. Psst - Sarah slept through her check-in; Eh, George made out with a thirteen year old basketball camper; Did you hear Gavin found weed in the showers?; Oh my god, H䮮i got a call at 3 am from the police - apparently the golf cart was stolen!


And I am disappointed. Deeply disappointed in MTV. How can the people who blessed the world with The Osbournes simultaneously curse us with crap about singers and sorority hookers?

To cheer us from this dismal abysis of MTV-induced nausea and grief, I present CG Dad, by CG Dad.

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