Look Into My Crystal Ball

July 16th, 2002

I just read yesterday that the Dawson’s Creek season 6 premier is 2 hours long! For a moment I thought I was dreaming, that I must’ve died and gone to heaven… Countdown to dawons premier: 2 loooong months. (the exact date has not been announced, but typically it’s the first week of September. Will start an official hannihouse countdoon in an upcoming blog!)

Right, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the future lately. For those of you who follow hannihouse, you know that the list of potential careers now reads: spy, feng shui master, mother to challenged child, medical experiment participant, naval officer, stripper, lawyer, and taco bell employee. But how do I plan to achieve such high and lofty goals as becoming a “medical experiment participant”?

This is the question. And I’ve got indigestion.

Well, the first step in this whole crazy job search process will be to read the job hunting bible, What Color is your Parachute. My advisor, Waggs, said I had to read this over the summer, so I wouldn’t be in her office freaking out in September. Waggs is a very compassionate lady.

In addition to my parachute book, Mom has also requested that I read Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

I am worried about reading this book.

It’s just like the whole time management, book-reading/studying thing interferes with my laziness. I read a quote somewhere on blogger today that went something to the effect of “blogger makes editing so easy that even lazy people don’t have any excuses. This is very disappointing.” Well, I’m lazy, and I don’t blog every day. I will continue using my lethargy as an excuse. Laziness does not worry me.

Funny story. Last night angelface and I were talking about the future, as we sometimes do. I told him when i’m 60 he’d have to push me around, cause i’d be 300lbs and unable to walk. Angelface got a longing look in his eyes and replied “Hänni when we’re old, I’m going to have a french maid who’ll give me sexual favors.” I snorted in surprise.

Never one to be selfish Angel piped in: “Don’t worry baby. I will buy you a male nurse.”

He said it just like that. Like not even joking or sarcastic. You gotta love angelface.

And you gotta love the future.. whatever it holds.

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