April 12th, 2002

Oh man, has anybody else seen the greyhound commercial where the couple at eating at a Japanese restaurant? There is this greyhound dressed in a little chefs outfit and he is grilling their dinner and talking to the couple. Just one question: how is a greyhound somehow Japanese? And how does he cut those onions if he doesn’t have oposable thumbs?

So this is how my day has gone so far. I wake up at 4 am to see S.K. Dad off. On my way to the ladies, i notice someone has left me a little greeting on my erase board. It says something to the effect of “I lick penis.” Nice. I erase said message.

At 6 am I set my alarm clock to go off at 9:50, because have a group meeting at 10 (On a friday no less! SUCKS!) So the alarm clock goes off, and I curse my group for a while, and then trudge over to upperquad, only to find that my group members are MIA. I curse my group members again.

On my way back from the imagined meeting a service vehicle nearly runs me over, and curiously, the doors are locked. (I don’t have my passport to let me in.)

I finally get back to my room and check my alarm clock. Yeah, it says 10:30, but then I check my computer. It definetly says 9:30. I turned on Fox and Jenny Jones was on. Jenny Jones comes on at 9.

Moral of this story: I should’ve stayed in bed.

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