Breakin the Law

April 11th, 2002

So, my brother called me “geek nuts” today, and I think I might deserve it.

I have been playing Bejeweled for two hours straight - not because I like Bejeweled that much, but just because I can. Or more likely even, just because i’m too lazy to find the tv remote. In fact, it is taking a tremendous amount of strength to sit upright in this chair. *suddenly falls over*

In the news, SORM has revamped his blog. Is charming really. I like it so much, I am forcing sorm to build me one. Sorm tells me he is hesitant - he doesn’t know if he should hook me up with the bloggage. Apparently there is some upkeep required on the new and improved blog, and sorm doesn’t want to become my web bitch.

Note to sorm: you are already said web bitch. Cheers!

Speaking of “Cheers”, it has recently come to my attention that there are those in the online community who wish to use this saying with wild abandanon. I’ll be honest, I ganked it from smug ellie, who has been using “cheers” for quite some time. Because Smug Ell is the originator, and I am Smug Ell’s lover, I have certain rights to the phrase, and may use it at will.

However, there are those who may not be counted as Smug Ell’s beloveds, and are therefore unauthorized to salute with “cheers.” Although this is highly frowned upon, a random member of the IM community, recently cried “cheers!” in her profile. This chicabonita blatently stole from the smug one’s profile, which was evident, as stealergirl had the same copycat green lettering and arial font that Ellie uses in hers. In a word, I am “disgusted.”

In another word, I am really hungry. S.K. Dad has spent the day galavanting around the river, and has yet to return home. Have been waiting to with S.K., because he heads back to A.K. tomorrow.

File this under: Only Joodaloops can save me now!

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