everybody was feng shui fighting

January 14th, 2002

Today was the first day of classes. I got home at 4, and the first thing I did was put on my pjs. I just couldn’t stand the constriction of my jeans. I mean, i haven’t worn pants for more than 5 hours at a time since finals back in mid December. I know what you’re thinking, pervert. While i haven’t been wearing pants so much, I have been wearing pj bottoms , as a replacement.

So i’ve decided to learn Feng Shui. it’s part of my drive to be domestic, which has grown increasingly stronger since I bought my fabulous milk glass dinner set on sale in November.

The list of future careers now reads: Feng Shui master, mother to challenged child, professional medical experiement, naval officer, stripper, lawyer, and taco bell employee

Over break I bought some green milk glass shakers, a batter bowl and some metal storage cannisters, all on storage, from sears. Nevermind that I have no place to display my wares. Nevermind that I have no kitchen with which to even place my plates. Nevermind these things. What’s important is the deal . I’m a very saavy shopper and if i see 16 plates on sale for 10bucks, i’m not going to turn it down!

On a related vien, there’s this table at Ames, which is going out of business. It’s top is about 3X3, and it has little white tiles on the top, instead of the natural wood. Smug ellie has one, and I am in love. The table is currently about $60 off $100, because of clearance. You can’t even buy a folding card table at ikea for that price. Believe me, I have checked! So i think i will buy it. I defintely can’t fit the table in my 12X14 hovel, but maybe i can store it at angelface’s, when he comes back this summer. Of course, will not tell angelface about purchasing the table, as he would wrinkle nose in disgust at owning furniture that one can’t even put in their room. Boys just don’t understand.

Anyway, back to feng shui, i’m very excited about it.

And back to shopping, I have a great story! Will share it tomorrow, as it is long

What to do after reading this blog: wait in agonizing anticipation!

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