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December 6th, 2001

I love moose, but I also love the gap. Their new commercials are so great - I especially like the one with Alanis Morisett.

So on group projects - hate them. I’ve been working for months on a grant proposal with a total cash value of like$1000. Should be no big deal, right? Well let me tell you something, my group consists of a sorority girl, angry animal rights advocate and “super senior”, which is a synonym for total slacker. Because I am the only communications major in the group, they think I can’t write and that my role should be to “talk with people.” I’ve read the stuff they write kids, and it aint always pretty. And I gotta say, when i was younger I always wished i was artistic, with artistic = drawing. and i always was so envious of THE ARTISTE’. but then i learned writing was an art, and i learned that i was pretty good at it. So they can kiss my bootwa for doubting me.

- oh what was that? A late night call from a group member begging me to go to her apartment to help for our 7 am presentation tomorrow. Lovely. Those kids suck.

life ranking on the don’t like my group o’meter - 99.9%

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