To Recap

May 23rd, 2003

Live from room 254, it’s the latest installment of hännihouse! I’ve been out of blogging for a while. You see, i’ve had to take a break from blogging. I’ve had to focus on the things that really count… the things that make the world so wonderful. The things that I’m talking about consist primarily of sleep, movies and new strappy shoes!

To catch you up I will have to do a quick post-graduation playback. In short, in the past three weeks I have:

-driven to the airport on three seperate occasions
-competed for roadspace with beach week bikers at Myrtle Beach
-splashed my toes in Charleston waters
-cried at the Dawsons Creek series finale from a couch in Wilmington (filming locale of Dawsons Creek, not coincidently)
-eaten burger king (aka “diarreah king”), IHOP, KFC, Mcdonalds and Taco Bell in less than one week’s span
-taken 162 digital photos
-lost my glasses 3 times
-drove brand-new ruby 1600 miles
-got lost in ruby about 17 times between here and a 60 mile radius
-got the worlds most annoying kanker sore
-got new flip flops and underpants
-got to hug maaa and cg and sk who all came to visit
-got milk
-got tired
-got to stop this incestant list making

I miss having the old ‘rents around. I told maaa it was pretty exciting being able to walk into taco bell and order what ever I want, regardless of price. Ooh $3.49 border bowl you tasted mighty sweet, but now that maaa’s not payin’ it’s back to the very filling $1.69 seven-layer burrito. Arrrriba!

And in the latest news, I start my job back with conferences again next Tuesday. I’m looking forward to another summer of golf-cart hijinx and conference guest crazies… More to come.

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