Behold! The New College Graduate

May 6th, 2003

I did it. I am writing at this momentous time in my life to inform you, dear readers, that I am a new college graduate! As of fifteen minutes ago I just completed my last ever undergraduate exam, and come Saturday it’s goodbye Hänni Horn, fabulous college co-ed, hello Hänni Horn, fabulous woman of the world!

I’ve been feeling good these last few weeks. It’s been euphoric, to say the least. The scenery seems more vibrant, my friends more beloved, my frozen mocha’s more sweet and delicious.

I wondered if there was a way for me to keep that emotion - to hold it tight and never let it go, so as to wander in the mists of utopian bliss for the rest of my days. I considered writing the feeling down on paper, but I just couldn’t effectively express it.

And then today on this most exciting of days, I am feeling another emotion. Walking out of my last final I felt light, small… walking out of Squires, I wasn’t even sure my feet were touching the ground. And as I came to that realization, i thought how cheesy it was. This whole “lighter than air” “walking on cloud nine” thing is so cliche’. But I’m here to tell you folks, no foolin’, it really did happen to me. My feet transcended gravity today - I don’t think my nikes ever touched the pavement.

And all the molecules in my body feel different too. It feels like my cells have folded in to themselves - the whole of me is sucked toward the middle of my frame. My fingers, toes, forehead, they are all seemingly seperate from the core of my body. I feel like I’m feel like i’m going to faint. I feel like I’m going to fall into a deep slumber.

I feel as if at any moment, I may burst into spontaneous fits of smiling.

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