With a Rebel Yell

April 25th, 2003

The days keep coming without fail, and as I inch closer to *the* day, the graduation day, things seem to be getting more bizarre. The residents are getting a little testy, (I could write a whole blog on this, calling it, “adventures in babysitting”), and the internship coordinators, like Jesus on the third day, keep rising from the tomb of my memory (where I wish to keep their experience), to tell me I need to eat burgers and do surveys for them.

Additionally, I’m in a last ditch race to become Greek - i know, don’t condemn me - it’s not what you think. Also, I have oft found myself these days a weeping willow each time that sad “goodbye, i’m leaving soon” commercial for Dawsons Creek comes on.

Someone dies in the last three episodes of DC by the way. A core character. I already told Angelface he’s on alert - I’m gonna be an absolute wreck. My throat is getting all tight at this very moment. Must. Stop. talking about beloved Dawsons and it’s ultimate, and untimely end.

In other news of the weird, ZP has had some run ins with the housekeepers in his building. I must preface with a story from last year. Last year in O’Hännisey, I became good friends with ZP who was also an RA at the time. ZP had some bad boys. One night the group decided to steal all the erase boards on the floor, throw them in the bathroom and then piss on them. ZP, unaware of these festivities, was alerted to them by the housekeepers, whose job it is to clean up these messes, should they occur.

Here’s how ZP found out: ZP gets home from class to see a nice note on his door saying something to the effect of “holy lord, there’s piss all over the bathroom floor. Have fun cleaning it up.” They left a lonely pair of plastic gloves on his door knob.

Now in case you don’t know, RAs are not allowed to touch what we call “body spills.” In fact, should we see the aforementioned body spill, we are to alert the housekeepers post haste. Because they have been trained to do so, housekeepers are the only people authorized to clean piss off the floor.

As you can imagine, ZP was very angry.

Cut to this wacky week. ZPs RA has posted a bulletin board, it’s one of those “gripe if you will” boards. Some resident had written “the elevators are too slow.” This is a very inocuous remark from a hall full of testosterone-filled eighteen year olds. Plus it’s true, those elevators are slow as crap.

Regardless, the next day there is a note tacked on to elevator comment which reads, “at least they work.” Yep, it was in the housekeepers’ scrawl. The housekeepers were defending their castle.

ZP, recognizing the housekeepers commentary wrote next to “at least they work”… “Yeah, unlike some lazy asses who sit around watching daytime tv and eating junk food instead of doing their jobs.”

This is not a defamatory comment, because it is the truth. Those housekeepers are Laaaaazy.

The next day, ZPs comment has been conventiallly ripped off the butcher paper board. Uh oh, housekeeper ladies are angry.

How will it all end? No one can say. All I can say is that these are the days my friend, let’s hope the bizareness never ends!

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