MySpace -At least It’s Better Than An Anal Probe

April 21st, 2006

OK so when it comes to MySpace there’s a thin line between blove and hate.

On one side you’ve got the antis. They are the hardcore kids –the Blogger babes, the TypePad titans, the warriors of WordPress. They are insatiable. They’d just as soon as cut you with their words as kiss you full on the mouth with them. The clanging of keyboards provides a catharsis they can’t find in confessional, a fix they can’t buy on the street. For the antis, blogging is serious business.

Directly opposed are the evil omgzis. These are the lifeblood that pumps through MySpace’s veins. They are young. They are feisty. They don’t give two shits about quality posts or grammar. That’s because the evil omgzis r lyke 12♥!!!!!

Somewhere in between the antis and omgzis you’ll find Hänni.

Yeah I might get tarred and feathered for this, but I actually *like* the ‘Space. I use it for getting info about my favorite bands and for keeping up with kids I met through the haus or in high school.

tori_spelling1.jpgTory Spelling: She look like a man.

No I can’t begrudge MySpace just because most peeps using it are prepubescent.

I was once a teenyrocker too.

I used to dance to Milli Vanilli and I know what NKOTB stands for. And let’s not forget that obsession I had with the guy from Beverly Hills 90210. That Donna dude was HAWT!

But anyway, while MySpace is great for a lot of things, you’ll never catch me posting there. Why? Because In the world of blogging MySpace is a training bra. Though the size of my boobs would indicate otherwise, I grew out of those a long time ago.

And what do you think, dear hannihaus readers? Tell me about MySpace. Do we say yay or suck-ay?
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8 Haus Calls for “MySpace -At least It’s Better Than An Anal Probe”

  1. gary Says:

    I try to be as open minded as I can. I think my openmindedness has served me well in life. So I don’t knock myspace. I’ve only been there a few times, though. The ones I have seen have been hard to read. So even if they were interesting I didn’t stay around to see.

  2. FancyPants Says:

    I say SUCK-ay! MySPACE sucks because A) It is HORRIBLY deisgned (from a guy who does this for a living it makes me want to puke) and B) has become a popularity contest for who can have the most friends which I hate. I use it for one reason, and that is staying in contact with people that have moved away. I’m very surprised to find really old friends again, that is a good thing. Otherwise, I would never sign up. I don’t travel around leaving comments very often, or inviting new friends, talking to random strangers, putting people in my ‘TOP 8′. Top 8? I can only have 8 best friends? I give it a couple years before this trend is over.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Whenever I get a myspace message, it’s about how we should “hook up” or “ur hot a/s/l?” I don’t like the blogging technology they use either. But I do have an account so i can comment on friends’ blogs who are on it.

  4. Dima Says:

    I agree with FancyPants, MySpace is a disgrace to anyone who knows two things about web design. I signed up for it, because most of my friends are on it, and to get in touch with some high school friends that I have not seen or talked to since high school. I never blog on it, because it’s quite GAY! I already have my blog where I can write and not worry about all the damn icons all over the damn places, and the horrible framing! Don’t get me started on the dumbshits with their stupid music on their profiles. I reject all requests from people wanting to be friends, because if I don’t know you, I don’t want you on my friends list. I sometimes leave comments for my friends, but I check it only when I get an email about a new message or comment.

  5. kerri Says:

    Yes, I too am with FancyPants. All of the flashing! And the popping up in precarious places! And the headaches, ahh!

    And for about two days I thought it might be neat, but then I made the mistake of typing in my zipcode, (I’m an amateur, I know) and received far too many “friend invites” for my comfort zone, mostly because hey! I didn’t *know,* online or otherwise, any of these peeps, and also because all but two of them seemed rather skirry. Seriously, run for my life, I know what you did last summer, stalker scary.

    So I went back to the oldschool way of keeping up with the highschool and collegiate crew: Instant Messenger, baby. ; )

  6. Ed Kohler Says:

    While MySpace can be painfully ugly, there is some interesting content on there. I find the updates of new MySpace users from schools I’ve attended addicting. And, it has some communication advantages over stand-along blogs, such as easy to use tools to keep up to date with your friends/subscribers.

  7. Sarcomical Says:

    i say I DON’T CARE I LIKE IT. pretty much for the band info. i really DON’T like the creepy little boys or middle-aged men who send me messages that say “hi, we should meet up” even though i’ve CLEARLY stated in as many places as i can that i’m married and besides, EW.

    but still. gotta love the bands.

  8. Paddymick Says:

    My-what? No, seriously… a blog is a blog is a blog is a blog. Mine is homemade–all coded by me. It is still a blog. Myspace has some Knee-Toe features, but it is still just a blog. The idea of a personal website has morphed. The main thrust was always about communitcating your thoughts with others. All of these various iterations of online presence promotions are merely digital journals. Some people use pictures, some use movies and many, many, many use words.

    A rose by any other name…

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