One Nation, Underpants

April 17th, 2006

Some people like to skulk on Blue Monday. They complain, cry, rant and rave.

I personally like to sit on Blue Monday … mostly because that’s what I have stamped across the ass of my underpants.

And that’s what you do with underpants – sit on ‘em.

…Except of course, if your name is Smug Ellie and you’re my college roommate. In that case you’re fond of wearing your knickers on your head like some sort of dormroom do-rag with controltop coverage and an elastic waistband.

On multiple occasions you’ll also force your roommate, Hänni, to wear the Headdress o’ Shame Hanes as well.

Sad thing is, Smug, I totally miss that.
It’s not just another manic Monday here at the haus. Tonight we kick off our second drink in the AI Cocktail Countdown. Go vote!

14 Haus Calls for “One Nation, Underpants”

  1. gary Says:

    I’m sure that headdress looked better on you than it would on a lot of people. i hope you didn;t wear it out about town, though. :)

  2. Dima Says:

    My college roommate and I used to wear our bras on our heads and pretend we were Amish or Pricess Leah! I miss that too!

  3. Sassy8877 Says:

    Well here we are getting INCHES of snow. Un-feckin-believable. But oh well, soon it will be 100+ degrees and I will miss these days.

    Yea, soon …

  4. spanky Says:

    speakingof underpants hanni. remeber when we were younger and i’m sure i was being a brat. i remeber saying so.. alot then you and tommy told me ” so, sew a buttom on your underwear” and i went and sewed buttons on all of my underwear just to say haha!!! ahhh the simple years! :-) hahaha memoriessssssss

  5. spanky Says:

    button- woops

  6. Hänni Says:

    gary - my rule of thumb is, when in public your underpants should strictly be work UNDER PANTS.

    Dima - Ha! I’ve never thought to put my bra on my head, probably b/c it would be more yarmulke-like than Princess Leahish.

    Sassy8877 - Snow in April? Augh! My sympathies.

    Spanky - Lol! I had forgotten about that until now. You’re a real smart alec, just like your big sis I guess *winks*.

  7. Christoph Says:

    I once wore underpants on my head to a marketing class I had in college as part of a presentation. Believe it or not - I sold almost 30 pair of those underpants in an hour. Its a great gimmick. People just love the idea of wearing beanies made out of spiderman underwear. But that was college… so maybe not.

    Ever feel like that dude with the fence covering his face from that show Home Improvement?

    … yeah…

    4 in the kooch and 2 in the tighty-whitey “pocket”!

  8. Manuel Says:


  9. william Says:

    Okay I voted. BTW Call of dutyis an awesome game. I guess I am a nerd. Well Recovering Nerd becasue I have not played in a few years.

  10. Paddymick Says:


    Just pulled off my latest site redesign and decided to include some of my favorite blogs (Alaska-related) so I put a link to yours there. I don’t do a whole lotta traffic, but many locals pass through. Hopefully I’ll send a few more your way! Keep up the good work!


  11. Divine Calm Says:

    I need to get me some of dem undies.

  12. Smug Ellie Says:

    SO…i’m in the middle of panera (i need internet) looking at house listings. Just switched from MLS to something more entertaining (you, horny hans) and LO AND BEHOLD, there i am. and my underpants. which i love. even more exciting–am doing laundry today. CLEAN UNDERPANTS. FOR MY HEAD. by the way, it’s like 100 friggin’ degrees in fort worth…mwah.

  13. kerri Says:

    I am NOT letting that coconut poo drink win! ;) Happy (Testicular!) Tuesday to you.

  14. Hänni Says:

    Manuel - Phillips?

    William - Yes, call of duty is awesome… for me to poop on.

    Paddymick - I love me some Alaskan bloggage. Thanks for the link up!

    Divine Calm - Word.

    Smug Ellie - *Smoochies* love you too lover!

    Kerri - Testicular Tuesday? Good lord! And yes, keep voting!

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