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April 22nd, 2003

1 test, 1 quiz, 2 finals and a partridge in a pear tree. I’m almost a college graduate, baby! I’ve just got those four pesky test-type things to deal with, then it’s sayonnara hallowed halls of academia!

I went to visit my academic advisor, Waggs today. She always puts me in a fabulous mood. She congratulated me on my engagement to Angelface, and stopped to admire my gorgeous jewel. She told me to go through the “senior checklist”, and if i was a good girl and came prepared, she would read my name off the list at graduation. V. funny lady.

Today I turned in my final eval of internship-o-horrors. It felt *so* good that I decided to ceramonialize the event.

As I was leaving the old main street office I turned, and gave a symbolic salute. Graceful as a swan, I faced the old renovated townhouse. I decided to memorialize the “good times,” but then I remembered there really weren’t any, save the day manager Smitty was out of the office, leaving me to my own devices. Instead of working I emailed anyone I could think of, called Angelface a few times on the company dime, and ate stinky hummus at my desk - eating food in the back office is highly illegal, after all!

And so, with the memories of an internship not so far past, I gave the final hurrah. With palms out, head turned back, a look of serenity passing over my face, I presented my tribute. Carefully, concertedly, I pulled four fingers down towards my thumb. The middle appendage, straight as a flag pole, traced a line straight to heaven. It was glorious.

And I got an email today from my worthless office manager asking if we’d like to “do dinner” before our group goes off into parts unknown. I feel like I can’t go - like with that final salute, I had given every last bit I could give to those people.

However, as I am a very poor college student, I will probably go. It’s a sin to turn down free food you know?

Oh it’s so difficult having convictions!

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