Celebrate Good Times, Come On

April 2nd, 2003

It’s the nicest of days here at hannihouse. The sun is pouring through the windows, my tummy is full of hotdogs and spinach (delish!) and it’s my day off at the internship-o-dread. Simple pleasures, I know.

Am feeling so great today. Sunday an abrupt three-inch snowfall had me all frowny faced - Ruby and I were going to go shopping, but the snow foiled our plans! So, I just went out and wiped the snow off her top and told her she was beautiful. I couldn’t reach the very middle though, and a strip of thick, fluffy snow made a nice little mohawk for rebel Ruby.

So I’m just sitting here on this glorious weds listening to John Mayer, contemplating the cosmos. I think tomorrow I may go hike the cascades after classes. I think Friday I will ditch internship work and take that aforementioned shopping trip. I think Saturday I will fly to Paris and dance the polka on the moonlit steps of the Louvre. Then I will dine at a fine patiserie and have my portrait painted by a new bohemian named Madelline.

Yes, yes I think that sounds entirely lovely.

Also in the entirely lovely department is the fact that Dawson’s Creek has finally gone into syndication. And I’m wondering why it only took 6 years for those network bigwigs to grow a brain and syndicate the greatest show on television. the greatest show on television, ever.

There’s only 9 episodes until the show ends May 14th, but with syndication, I am proud to announce, the show goes on. Dawson’s will live forever.

In the interim between now and D-day (May 14) TBS is showing ‘the creek in 4 hour blocks, beginning at 8am and running until noon every day! After the 14th they will air in two hour blocks, from 10am until noon daily. And I’m in heaven. God bless you TBS.

Oh dawsons, sunshine, hotdogs, Ruby, I love you more than words can express. Today is truly the nicest of days here at hannihouse, and I wish you, my loyal readers days filled with nothing but magic, tranquility and surprises!

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