Ruby: She’ll Take Her Lovin To Town

March 28th, 2003

In addition to a fiance, diamond ring, digital camera and all the blessings of family and friends, I am proud to announce the latest addition to wonderful things aquired most recently. Her name is Ruby. She is sparkly red and drives like a dream.

Yes kids i’m talking about my *new* 2003 Toyota Corolla!

I have a caar. I have a caar!

It’s kind of scary. I mean, me, owning a motor vehicle? Why, it’s never been done before! The last time I drove (previous to Ruby) was once last fall. I don’t really get around that much, preferring instead to be driven as if I name were Miss Daisy.

But as there is a first time for everything, I feel ready to face the challenges that ownership presents. I am ready to get that oil changed, to replace that air filter, to rotate those tires and pay dearly come tax time. I am ready to ride long distances on sunny days with my hair blowing out the window. I am ready to walk the mile and a half from the Cage (parking lot) to my front door. In short: I am ready to ride.

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