D - Tales

February 6th, 2003

I got my first college “D” today. It’s sort of a big event, as this is the lowest grade I’ve had on a single assignment since I started at Tech in ‘99. And while I know I should be upset, - that I should be crying,screaming, and self medicating with cheesecake and TLC, - oddly, I am not even slightly perturbed.

It’s probably because I realize that this assignment is worth only a small fraction of my total Comm Law grade. In turn, my Comm Law grade is only small fraction of my cummulative grade. Coincidently, my cummulative grade will only play a small part in the entire scheme of my life.

If you think about it, this “D” assignment can be likened to a bit of skanky cheese.

Bear with me here: say you are making a delicious grilled cheese sandwhich. You go to slice up the kroger-brand cheddar, and notice it has a bit of mold on the edge. Now, everybody knows that you don’t throw out moldy cheese - cheese is, in fact, best when aged. As you’ve been taught to do, you scrape the mold off your brick - o - dairy, and you do it to the best of your ability. Then, you put the delicious cheese in your sammie and grill.

Now, there is the distinct possibility that a tiny, microscopic bit of that mold got into your sandwich. But as you put the perfectly browned, perfectly prepared sandwhich to your mouth, you only think one thing: “this is the best sandwhich I’ve ever eaten! I think I’ll have another.”

In deed, this is the greatest sammie in the world - the grand pubah of sandwhiches, if you will. Guess what, the moldy skank-cheese didn’t hurt the sandwhich after all!in fact, maybe, just maybe, the sandwhich was all the better for the nastiness - it gave it a bit of character.

in case I lost you: this has been a metaphorical description of my life wherein Hänni & Hänni’s future = grilled cheese sandwhich, and H䮮i’s “D” on Comm Law case brief = bit of moldy kraft single. Analysis: future = delicious, (metaphor for fabulous), despite bit o’ rank dairy (again, said “D”)

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