The Latent Athlete

November 18th, 2002

I got the funniest email from CG Dad yesterday. Will excerpt it here:

Dear Ms Hanni,

It’s just too tempting to harp upon your latest dilemma for me. I can no longer resist.
I suspect that the best quips have come and gone…
I suspect that there resides in you a hidden aspect that has been repressed very deeply.

That you are blessed with the gift of being a world class athlete.
I know, this sounds crazy but hear me out.

Now, as you probably learned in Psy 101 aspects of personality that are repressed
often try to come out on their own
in spite of the suppression of them, sometimes sideways.

Remember when Tommy tricked you into riding a bicycle to Big Lake?
You were a bit miffed after you got back home and your body roared out in pain.

What it was really saying to you was “YES! This is what I was meant for! I am an Olympian!”

It is quite easy to misinterpret this. When we suppress something we often do it to an extreme
and deny it in the face of all the reality.
You probably misinterpreted your body crying out in ecstasy.
You probably thought it was crying out in agony as the two reactions are almost the same.

More likely it was simple denial on your part.
Perhaps your body is no longer willing to allow you to suppress its own potential.
It is acting out against your denial that you are a gifted athlete by manifesting the reactions
that the bodies of all great and even lesser athletes experience.

Athletes foot, or in your case, athlete’s boob, is merely the start
of a possibly long war between your body and your ego.
Hopefully it won’t get to the extreme of your hair all falling
out in an effort by your body
to streamline itself for competition swimming.

Be careful that you don’t get athletes lips…

I would advise you to do a serious personal search into your unconscious to find yourself.
I wish you well but I find it incumbent upon myself that I warn you
that there are dire consequences for suppression of who you really are.

Dr. Cornbreath

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