Dawson’s Creek Season Six

October 6th, 2002

So I’ve been obsessed with TV fan sites on the nets for about two weeks now - Can you blame me? I had to gear up for the two hour dawsons premier. It was pretty good with the exception of the following:

*Pacey has grown facial hair which makes him look like a fat pirate
* The Dawson/Joey love scene was, for lack of a better word, vomitious
* Dawson’s forehead appears to have gotten even larger over the summer
* Jack Osborne’s cameo was F****ing terrible, man

Despite it’s few shortcomings, Dawsons is an excellent show, and the DVD of the entire first season comes out this Spring! Also, in two days the DVD for Beauty and the Beast comes out - guess who’s gonna be at Walmart, cash in hand? Angelface! - and me of course. I’ve already made arrangements for me and the Angel to buy the Beauty.

Well as it is Sunday, and I have a bibliography to construct, *sigh*, I’ll bid you adieu!

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