News Flash: Hoser Strikes Out Against America’s Fav. Brit Family

October 10th, 2002

Who let the mad Canad out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?

So I was at jump the shark looking at posts about the Osbornes. While perusing the site I came across the following post which just gave me another reason to mock evil flappy-headed Canadians. Read:

“Living in Canada without MTV, I got to hear all about The Osbournes for a year before actually seeing it. When I finally got to see it, my faith in humanity slipped another notch. Unbelievable what people will watch, and watch religiously. This show is just slightly less trashy than Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones. Honestly, what’s the appeal? I’d rather watch home videos of my neighbours on their vacation to the mini-putt than this swill. Granted, Ozzy is funny with his drug-fried brain and shaky hands, but who can honestly understand what he’s saying.

The only words I can consistently make out are ‘f*ck’ and ‘f*cking’. I’ll admit, there are a few touching moments because even though these people verbally abuse each other, they do love one another in their own warped way and it shows. Reality TV is the worst thing to happen to the entertainment world since Chris Farley croaked. Who’s the next to get a family-based reality show? David Lee Roth? Marilyn Manson? Eminem? Busta Rhymes? God, how I miss sitcoms. Remember those?”

And now I will give a list of reasons why this guy is a moron.

A. He is Canadian

B. His “faith in humanity” slipped after watching the Osbournes. Unbeleivable. Remember this guy comes from the same country as Celine Dion and Tom Greene… If anything could stultify my faith in humanity in the wake of being equated to stupid celine and mr. bum-is-on-the-rail, I’d think it’d be Ozzy.

C. He claims this show is “slightly less trashy” than Springer or Jones. Omg, how can he even put Springer and Jones in the same category. Obviously Jerry’s shows are the more scandalous, where his frequent guests are transvestite mothers sleeping with their son’s best friends. Jenny does a lot of boot camp shows, family shows. This dude doesn’t even know his talk shows. Why should we trust his opinion on quality reality tv?

D. He is Canadian

E. He asks: “who can understand what [Ozzy] is saying”. Answer: no one understands Ozzy you idiot - we’re not meant to, he’s the great Oz.

F. He “misses” sitcoms. Do you not have that sort of thing in Canada, eh hoser? No Friends, no Family Guy. Oh I pity you!

G. He hates the osbournes. That is just wrong.

H. He is Canadian - nuff said.

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