Ma Cheri Amor

July 18th, 2002

So I’m hooked on the new reality tv show american idol . It’s totally cheese with it’s two corny commentators, a panel of judges including 80’s it-girl Paula Abdul, and a cast of quirky wannabe-popstars. My least favorite wannabe was Jim, who is a TERRIBLE singer. He’s got this fake looking spikey hair, and he just comes off as too sensitive. His parents are both deaf, which explains his singing ability, or lack thereof. Obviously as a small child he didn’t fully develop spoken communication skills.

Fortunately, Jim was voted off last night. I’m sure he went home and cried himself to sleep on his enormous pillow. Then the pillow became permanently attached to his spikey gel-laden cranium.

EJ was also voted off. That guy was a GREAT singer - he definetly beat everyone else. He also had a great body, and his clothing style was okay.. not hideous, not gorgous.. just okay. I’m kind of pissed about this, because it’s obvious why he was voted off. The problem: He looks like Gilgamesh. He has the caterpillar eyebrows and a little, weird nose. I mean, just because he doesn’t look like Justin Timberlake, the fickle american audience ditched him.

In more news.. Larry “who let the jew out” Leve has been dating. Yes, i’m for real. Larry has finally found himself a JAP who fancies his love of anime and sci fi. This could be it kids - this could be the one. I can just see it. In five years Larry and Girltoy will be attending Dungeon’s and Dragons conventions together, talking about their new home, and the Elf in the oven.


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