Sand Trap

May 20th, 2002

So, it’s the day before summer vacation. You’ve finished all your finals, and packed all your posters. You have just one more day to spend with those crazy kids from your hall, before it’s adios for three summery months. You want to make the most of this day. So the chorus of Blink’s “first date” rolls around in your head - forever, and ever. let’s make this last forever…. And what do you do with those last precious moments?

Answer: go metal detecting in the volleyball courts, in hopes of finding treasure.

ZP, Captain Strange and I did just that last week. We scoured four volleyball courts and found a grand total of $1.21 + 1 bent ring, and a few forks. Not a bad find, really.

file this under: argh.. me precious booty, or the kids return to the sandbox.

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