I Guess this is Growing Up

May 23rd, 2002

I must quote from the movie Cabin Boy in order to properly preface this entry:

“Yesterday you were a Cabin Boy, but now you are a Cabin Man”

Today I grow up. While just yesterday I was without wheels, and consequently, dependant on various friends/family to chauffer me around, today I will drive for four hours to South Carolina. I’m renting a car, and am extremely nervous. I have never driven outside of the Wasilla/Anchorage area. In fact, most people here at Tech don’t beleive that I know how to operate a car, much less undertake a grand roadtrip by myself.

Well I got news for you kids: I am a liberated woman! You don’t beleive me, look how cute and confident I am - (make yourself and I’ll post it here!)

Alright, time to pack myself some PBJ and such. When next I write, I will be a vetran of the Virginia, SC roads. It’s quite momentus.

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