Rockstar Sister

April 3rd, 2002

I’ve had the “New IHOH” link up in my profile for a while now, and let’s face there hasn’t been anything new at the IHOH for about a week now. Blogger has been F’ing up hardstyle lately - but of course, that isn’t the only reason for my silence. Mostly, I’ve just been busy as nuts. i’m working like crazy to get the new IHOH ready to launch sometime this month. Hurrah!

Lots of new news of the familial sort. Serial Killer Dad is making an appearance on the East coast Friday, when he goes to New York for some mass bagpipe rally. Apparently, 10,000 pipers from all over the world are going to march through New York this Saturday, making bag pipe history! History will again be made Saturday night as 10,000 kilted men pass out drunk en masse in the gutters of the Big Apple.

I can see it now, rosy-faced men lining the streets for as far as the eye can see - their bonny hats all askew, their kilts dangerously threatening to reveal their contents, while men fall ass over teakettle like scottish dominoes.

Oh! Oh! just to let you know, S.K. Dad will be in the ‘burg - undoubtedly hungover from his night of partying doon - April 8th! For a good time with a burly man, come by O’H䮮isey next week.

Speaking of family members in bands, I’m proud to announce that my bro, Tommyboy had his first shows last weekend. His band, Nothingless, also have their own website, which is v. sweet. As a note, their photo is hilarious. I can tell it was like ten below that day, cause my brother (orange jacket) has that little it’s-cold-as-balls face on. Yeah, Alaskan winter.

Well seeing as I have a test in the am, which i have not studied for, I should probably use this time productively and go to sleep. (no, am not slacking. will get up v. early tomorrow morning to read my notes on topics such as “why people remain single” and “what colonist dating was really like” - it’s thrilling, I assure you.)

Until next we meet, ta!

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