it’s a small world after all

March 23rd, 2002

I had the most delightful study session ever. Although we didn’t really get any studying done, I did learn that my study buddy is from the west coast. This is extremelly novel considering nobody from the west coast actually ends up in south west virginia - nobody except me - and now, michelle. Michelle goes to school at Oregon State with my demented friend from home, Breckan-the-law. What a small world.

Anyway, so I have a new fish. No, i’m not trying to replace Minh, because that could never be accomplished. I actually bought Paulo and his long, luxurious fins before Minh’s passing. Some friends h ave said that Minh died of jealousy. But Minh wasn’t like that. He was just gorgeous, yellow, and lethargic. He didn’t have the energy for jealousy.

In any event, paulo is swimming happily on top of my book shelf. Yesterday I left the mirror next to his tank all day, and when i got home from class he wasn’t moving. He was just sitting there, staring into space. His eyes looked glazed, and I thought he too had passed.

Horrified, I imagined myself a fish killer.

But then I made zack come poke Paulo with a fishing net, and he swam around. It seems that the mirror served to piss Paulo off just enough that he began a staring contest with the enemy-fish, which was really just his reflection in the mirror.

I can relate to Paulo’s imbalance. Dawson has been reruning since the first week of March, and I am really starting to miss that junx. When will they come out with a Dawson’s DVD? let’s face it - even sorority boys will have a DVD some day. Sometimes I think there is no justice in the world.

life ranking on the Can’t-live-without-Dawson’s-on-DVD-o-meter: 90% (Why not 100% Well, realistically, I guess I could conveivably live without the Dawsons DVD - I mean, as long as I had food and water, I could still keep on breathing. But why would anyone want to live in a world without digital DC?)

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