Woe. Woe

March 26th, 2002

>So I just came back from an awful test on satellites and telephony. I trudged from Smyth Hall, shoulders drooping, ass kicked, into the out of doors where it was suddenly pouring rain. And I thought hoowooowwowww app-propriate. (I had to throw a little “all i really want” in there, as a tribute to Alanis.)

Back at O’Hännhnessy, I squished my sopping sneaks into the elevator, only to see peices of my beloved bulletin board strewn about the floor boards haphazardly. Man, it’s great to see that someone appreciated my effort enough to distribute it to a broader, elevating audience. But I can’t really complain on that front. My board lasted - intact - for approximately 24 days. My boards in Lee stayed up, if i was lucky, for a whole 24 hours.

What I’m really pissed off about is this client project i’m working on. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, after the fiasco of the grant proposal project, I am crazy to work with clients again. Maybe I’m just sadistic, I just can’t stay away from client project hell.

So these new projects i’m working on - in my web class one dude dropped out of our group already. We are down to three people - one of whom is our computer guru - the only one who knows anything about web design. The only problem with him - he only makes it to about 30% of our classes. Since we only meet twice a week, this is extremelly problematic. Also, our client in the web class - well, let’s just say they don’t like anything anyone has proposed. Basically, they want us to give them the same page they already have.

My theory is, the page was originally produced by a monkey. And that monkey was smoking crack cocaine.

Same deal in my doc design class. This guy, we’ll call him Mr. Mussolini, he keeps changing his mind about this stupid project. He wants us to design his stuff, but he thinks what we create is shit. And it’s shit, because we made it, not him. This guy is a science man and he’s telling us how to write and design aesthetically. Puh-leese! I guess if we could attach big hoses to his brain and siphon out the design content, then maybe we could make a design he likes. But that design would suck.

On a more personal front, I am also pissed at myself. I made some pretty stupid assumptions regarding the Angelface in my life. And Dad always says, “Hänni, when you make assumptions, you make an ass out of yourself.” I am a gigantic ass. I don’t know how to fix this sitch, but I’m trying. Poor Angel.

Life ranking on the pissiness-o-meter: we’re in the yellow zone folks, tottering on the edge of red alert!

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