Summer Lovin’

March 18th, 2002

You won’t beleive this… I got a job! No, I am not frought with grief at the prospect of spending my summer hard at work. This job is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet, as my friend Drewby would say.

The whole job sitch had put me in a very foul mood the past couple weeks. First, I got offered this prestigous job working with interns in the senate. It was a cool job, but the renting an apartment was going to be about $900/month from my $1200 paycheck. That is just like being a poor student - but without taking any classes. Plus, that job conflicted with my RAC training in the fall, so I couldn’t take it. I just couldn’t.

And I was pulling my hair out, crying.

So Friday I call the Senator’s office, mentally prepared to reject the offer, suddenly, they become flexible with my dates. It turns out they can accomodate my schedual, so it won’t conflict with the RAC junx. My mind was reeling. I thought I would throw up - from both happiness to be given the chance I thought I’d lost, and horror as I realized I couldn’t take the job anyway. It was too late. I had already divorced myself mentally from the Senate.

Well that same Friday I was expecting a call from Residential and Dining Programs possibly offering me a job in Blacksburg for the summer. I thought, well if I don’t get the D.C. job, hopefully the campus one will work out. I mean, the boss ladies from the campus job were funny, and energetic. By contrast, the senate people were disorganized, a bit schmaltzy, and maybe innappropriate - one guy I interviewed with had a picture of me infront of him and he goes, “which one are you…. oh nice.”

This is me Friday:

Friday 8 am - wake up in agony, because have to call the senators office and turn down cool job

8:15 - check email to see if campus job has decided

8:25 - still no email

8:45 - hurrah! an email. Damn, it’s from a teacher, telling me I’ve got HW for the weekend

9:00- play bejeweled to get mind off impending horror of the day

10:30 - still playing bejeweled. Have also turned on Sally show. Guests are all teen girls who want to be made over to look like Booby Spears

10:55 - realize that I have class at 11:15, so pull a dirty sweatshirt on over my pjs and head to Torgy

12:00 - back from class… still no email

12:30 - 2:00 - lunch with lare. Finally call the Senate

2:30 -5:00 - lie in bed depressed, because still no email from campus people, and formally have given up the senate gig

5:30 - realize that I am loser, and that no one loves me - especially, the on campus hiring manager

5:30 - midnight - much of the same moping

Well I finally called the campus people today, and they were like “congratulations!” and I was like “you don’t think i’m a huge loser? You do want to hire me! Yes, my letter was probably lost somewhere.”

Hurray, am employed. Can quit the skulkiness. Can start worrying about the things in life that really matter; things like shopping, sleeping, and how to eat icecream without getting the calories.

File this under: a sudden salvation

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