Love in the Face of Tragedy

March 17th, 2002

Please forgive my absence from the blogging world. This past week or so has been difficult. My love, my life, my darling Minh Twin has passed from this earth, and has gone on to flip his fins in that big fish bowl in this sky. I will miss his lethargy - he was possibly the only creature on this earth lazier than myself. I will miss his beautiful golden gills, and black pouty, Mick- Jaggeresque mouth.

I was thinking about Minh, and the attachments we form in our lives. Through this tragedy, I’ve learned to be thankful. Thankful for the chance to even know Minh. Thankful for the chance to love.

Everyone knows, and it’s no big secret. I love.

I love smug ellie, my everyday friend, even though she is often angry, even though her short hair is cuter than mine, even though she is a chain smoker and her blowing chokes my throat.

I love Nolie, my best friend, and a domestic wonder, who makes the most fabulous chocolate chip cookies ever ? so gooey, so rich, and thoroughly decadent. Enola is giving me wrinkles ? the kind you get around your mouth - from making me smile all the time.

I also love Starla, my one and only, my off-again-on-again friend, a terrified lesbian from the age of fifteen; terrified that her conservative parents will disown her for liking girls; terrified that she will never like boys; Star is so terrified that at 17 she fantasizes about drowning herself in the lake ? but she never does.

I love Mom. Everyone knows I love Mom. She calls me ?precious girl? or ?pumpkin? or ?cupcake.? She lets me follow my dreams, even when they take me far from her, to places like Japan and Virginia.

I love Mom?s daughter, Spank, my eccentric sister. And I love Tommy, Nick and Jamie, my trio of affable brothers.

Of course, I can’t forget angelface. I love angelface, my boyfriend, my confidante, my future husband?

It’s no secret. I love.

Rest in Peace Minh - 1/2001 - 3/2002

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