February 28th, 2002

I had the second interview today, and am troubled because I actually enjoyed it. This worries me greatly, because as I discussed earlier, the whole job hunt experience typically makes me want to pee my pants. But there was no bladder trouble today.

Yep, pants are dry - and oh man are they sexy. They are my Gwen Stephani pants - cute with huge zippers. Speaking of which, did anyone catch her on the Grammys last night? Gwen looked fabulous. I totally dig the huge hair and the wild animal print. Can this girl do anything wrong?

I want to be Gwen Stefani. She is my inspiration.

Onto other events, it is the day before Spring break and i’m v. excited. I will be going to the Smoky Mountains. In the smoky mountains I will shop profusely, and wind the evening down with a trip to DollyWood. I heard that place is the cheese. Should be good times for all.

Okay I gotta go. Time to learn about the relgions of India.

File this under: the lamest blog

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